What we are asked by the Alliance for Children and over again …

Why does the Alliance supports children from other countries? ‘s

Minding as an Austrian / inside the fate of Albanian girls and boys? Or of children from Afghanistan, Kosovo, some other crisis area? Are we responsible if they are sick and injured and received no medication to alleviate their suffering?  , we have put in Afghanistan no mines, instigated a civil war in Angola and not fueled poverty. But why should we look the other way when children die, be maimed are taken away from inflammation? We live in a country with the best medical infrastructure and we can do something to alleviate the consequences of maladministration and poor care in other countries. This is the motivation of the Alliance for Children.

How long the children stay in Austria?

Our little patients remain here as long as it requires medical treatment. This may a few days, in severe cases, but also months.

Can we perform operations anywhere in the world?

Theoretically yes, but practically: no. Effectiveness of aid requires a lot of preparatory work: We need diagnostics to take appropriate measures and treatments, in-depth as possible estimates of the chances of success, contacts with the authorities of the host country to organize exit permits …

Would not it be better to keep the children in Austria, if they are healthy again?

This is definitely not like that. Even if there is great poverty in the home of our patients, they are at home there, and embedded in a home, have siblings and relatives. Our goal is to medical care that is so often and so urgently needed unfortunately. And anyone who has experienced the joy of reunion once when we return our healthy proteges again, who knows that we are doing the right thing …

Can parents accompany their sick children?

For several reasons this is not possible: On the one hand, considerable difficulties would result due to the immigration and asylum laws. Secondly, we would also not financially able to bear such additional costs (flights, accommodation, …) As hard as the separation of children from their parents may be. It is of limited time and it is associated with great hope

Why there is an age limit of 14 years?

Like already said our name, our assistance is focused on children. That is one aspect. The other: We are committed to compliance with the laws on asylum and can therefore perform in Austria no treatments of more than 14 years.

How are the children cared for in Austria?

Besides the professional and loving use of the hospital staff our protégés may also regular visits and support in foster care include: We have a lot of people can win as loyal and tireless volunteers over the years, taking care of “our” children and comfort them with nostalgia and pain and distract.