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The Association Alliance for Children, whose activity is a non-profit, aims through humanitarian assistance to children in war and crisis zones and by awakening a humanitarian and social consciousness, embodying the principles of the Human Rights Charter of the United Nations to contribute to the peaceful coexistence of all to afford people.

In particular, the association has the purpose of engaging in such children and young people to take in war zones and crisis situations that otherwise adequate support is provided. In cases where children and young people are brought for the purpose of rehabilitation after Austria or neighboring countries and, where appropriate accommodated in Austria for medical treatment in hospitals, repatriation remains the first task of the association in the family. Returning in the family has to take place as soon as the conditions that led to removal from the families, are omitted.

The Association is not for profit, and pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable purposes within the meaning of § § 34 ff federal tax code. He is selfless and has no independent commercial purposes, but optionally indispensable auxiliary equipment within the meaning of the Federal Tax Code.


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