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About the Republic of Moldova is hardly spoken. Almost nobody knows this land that lies between Romania and Ukraine, but still belongs to Europe. Since the 90s, the economy has deteriorated dramatically, large parts of the population is impoverished. The average monthly wage is 30 €, pensioners living on the equivalent of 12 euros a month – at least 100 would be to cover the cost of living necessary. Moldova is known as the poorest country in Europe, and as so often it is the children who suffer from poverty and lagging behind the most. vantage point in the construction

After several failed attempts in recent years, the ALLIANZ for KIDS performed a first insert in the capital Chisinau in May 2013 and started to make the necessary arrangements (discussions with ministries, contacts with authorities, local support, cooperation with local partners ) in order to continue to carry out relief operations for sick children in Moldova regularly can.