Deductibility of donations

Deductibility of donations

By decision of the competent tax office from 23.12.2009 the ALLIANCE FOR CHILDREN in the “favored recipients of the charitable, development and disaster relief agencies and institutions that collect donations” was recorded. Immediately donations to the Alliance for Children are tax deductible! Thus, it is possible to help more, without being subjected to an additional burden.

Which donations can be deducted?

Basically, all donations that within a year (and after the closing date 23.12.2009!) were paid to the Alliance for Children, the tax office be specified. It should be noted that from you (the beneficiary to all organizations) are paid donations added up and only up to a height of 10% of your income for the previous year (eg for 2010, this is the year 2009) and of the profit of the last marketing year are actually taken into account to take effect. As proof / evidence, please keep the order confirmation of your deposit on. This is considered a donation receipt for dismissal of your donation to the tax office.

How much refunded the tax office actually?

Whether and how much you actually get refunded by the tax authorities, is by the amount of your income (and thus of the amount of charges you income or wage tax ) dependent. In the best case you will get back 50% of your total donation amount from the tax office. proof of donations to individuals for private donations to the Alliance for Children as special expenses under the workers’ assessment tax deductible. As evidence serve your deposit slips (bank forms, bank statements, etc.). We recommend these documents should be retained carefully as these can be claimed up to 7 years after the event by the tax office.

proof of funds for business

As a business you can deduct donations to the Alliance for Children from the business assets as operating expenses. In contrast to private persons, donations may be tax deductible in addition to monetary donations. As evidence, you will automatically receive up to March of the following year a confirmation of the work done throughout the year donations. since the tax authorities may require the submission of original documents, we suggest that you should keep up to 7 years! principle, all donations are deducted only once -. pronounced either as a private donation or a donation of the company

For more information, please visit the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Finance or you can get your questions by mail at office @ alliance-for sent to us!

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