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The Alliance for Children helps sick and injured girls and boys from crisis areas.

Since 1990 our doctors and staff travel to countries without adequate medical care.

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The ALLIANCE for CHILDREN is awarded with the donation seal of approval since it was first awarded in November 2001. The annual review confirms the high ethical principles that we fullfill.

For you, the seal of approval is a signal that we handle the funds entrusted to us careful and that your contribution actually arrives as help for children in war and crisis areas.

in the middle of Europe

Healthcare systems are in a terrifying state,...

just an hour’s flight from Austria. There is no intensive care medicine, no medication, no specialists and no chance of a cure. In these areas children die from diseases that could be routinely treated in Austria. They die an unnecessary death!

Saving Flights

We examine hundreds of small patients every year and ...

often treat them directly on site. In many cases we are not only the first aid, but also the only one! If treatment in the home country is not possible, we bring our small patients to Austria by airplane to often life-saving treatments.

OP IN Austria

Arrived in Austria, doctors and nurses care for the little ...

patients. Volunteers look after the boys and girls before and after the interventions in the hospitals or at home.

Back Home

After successful treatment, the parents can hug ...

their healthy child again. Back home they continue to receive medication and medical aids if necessary – this means that we take care of the little patients for as long as it is necessary.


Children medicated

Aid Missions

Doctors and Helpers

How we help

The ALLIANCE for CHILDREN from Steyr helps when children in crisis areas are sick or injured. When they are in pain. If there is no prospect of medical care in their home country. If there is a shortage of medication and there are no options for urgently needed operations …

The “thing” is at the forefront at ALLIANCE for CHILDREN. It’s about children who need help, it’s about help that can be provided in Austria. With this goal in mind, our association was founded in 1990 and this goal is still being pursued to provide children with individual medical help that gives them a chance for a healthy life.

Malformations, congenital heart defects, wound infections, orthopedic clinical pictures, serious injuries – surgical interventions are often the last chance for our sick little patients!

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Where we help

Sorrow knows no limits …

We create ways out of need. Examine, treat, heal. The ALLIANCE for CHILDREN helps!

Wars, armed conflicts and inadequate medical care are sad reality in many regions of the world. Even in the middle of Europe.

However, our options are limited … We are therefore concentrating our activities on some priority countries – because efficient help is only possible with knowledge and infrastructure. We build on this background.

Where it is sorely needed: in Albania, Moldova, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

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Say Yes to Life.

Give a healthy future to sick and injured girls and boys: Your donation counts!

What do 30 euros mean? They mean life-saving medication, transport flights, care, baby food, diapers or necessary auxiliary materials. In total, they mean regular assignments and examinations for the health and future of children!