Where we help

Sorrow knows no limits…

We create ways out of need. Examine, treat, heal. The ALLIANCE for CHILDREN helps!

Wars, armed conflicts and inadequate medical care are sad reality in many regions of the world. Even in the middle of Europe.

However, our options are limited … We are therefore concentrating our activities on some priority countries – because efficient help is only possible with knowledge and infrastructure. We build on this background.

Where it is sorely needed: in Albania, Moldova, Kosovo and Afghanistan.


Albania is only a good hour’s flight from Austria, but the healthcare system is in a terrifying state: In some regions, the ALLIANZ offers the only medical care for CHILDREN!

Most of the children we care for come from Albania.

To coordinate our operations, we have established bases in the capital Tirana as well as in Fushe Arrez, Fierze and Elbasan.


Kosovo, formerly an autonomous territory and nominally part of Serbia, declared its independence in February 2008. But fundamental structural weaknesses still make the country to one of the poorest regions in the former Yugoslavia.

The biggest problems are unemployment, extreme poverty, corruption and crime, and the lack of health care.

In the middle of the Balkan Peninsula, water, electricity and medication are scarce – the situation for sick and injured children is catastrophic. That is why we started our activities in Kosovo in 2001 and provide emergency medical assistance.


No one talks about the Republic of Moldova and almost no one knows this country, which lies between Romania and Ukraine and yet still belongs to Europe. The economy has deteriorated drastically since the 1990s and large sections of the population are impoverished. The average monthly wage is 30 euros, pensioners live on the equivalent of 12 euros per month – at least 100 would be necessary to cover the costs of living.

Moldova is described as the poorest country in Europe and as often the case, it is the children who suffer most from poverty and underdevelopment.

Since 2013 we are carrying out regular relief missions for sick children in the Republic of Moldova.


It still will need a long time before Afghanistan has recovered from decades of civil war. Travel to Afghanistan is considered dangerous: the interior of the country is contaminated by mines. Rescue in the event of an accident is considered unlikely or is only possible under the most difficult conditions.

Arms or legs torn away: mines disguised as toys mutilate numerous children every day. Complications and pain after such injuries are commonplace, the lack of medical facilities and care facilities mean a death sentence in installments.