How we help

Children want to live.

Despite poor hygiene, lack of food and inadequate medical care …

Even if bombs and grenades fall, mines and rifle shots are lurking …

Children want to laugh and be happy.

Instead, they suffer when there is a lack of medication and help.

In Austria we can treat their illnesses and relieve pain.


We fly children to Austria for life-saving treatments.


We provide emergency aid, aftercare and long-term projects.


We use funds and donations efficiently, intelligently and transparently.


Give as many children as possible a second chance for life!


The ALLIANCE for CHILDREN from Steyr helps when children in crisis areas are sick or injured. When they are in pain. If there is no prospect of medical care in their home country. If there is a shortage of medication and there are no options for urgently needed operations …

The “thing” is at the forefront at ALLIANCE for CHILDREN. It’s about children who need help, it’s about help that can be provided in Austria. With this goal in mind, our association was founded in 1990 and this goal is still being pursued to provide children with individual medical help that gives them a chance for a healthy life.


Rescue flights to Austria

Malformations, congenital heart defects, wound infections, orthopedic clinical pictures, serious injuries – surgical interventions are often the last chance for our sick little patients!


Up to a hundred times a year …
We take girls and boys to operations in Austrian hospitals if…

  • the child cannot be treated in his/her own country.
  • a fair prospect exists in Austria for healing or marked improvement oft he child’s physical condition
  • the parents themselves cannot afford to pay for a treatment abroad.
  • repatriation to the child’s homeland can be ensured.

Help on Location


During our multi-day operations, our doctors treat small patients in their home countries, bandage wounds, stop infections and initiate the necessary operations based on the diagnoses made. They bring the necessary medication and carry out follow-up and check-ups on children who have already been treated.


In summer 2001 we started the “MedInf” project: More than 150 village nurses were trained in intensive courses on hygiene, nursing, first aid and obstetrics. All nurses received a basic set of consumables to ensure at least basic medical care even in the inaccessible mountain regions of Albania.


With the support of the Lions Club Steyr, we were able to equip several health clinics with basic equipment in Northern Albania. Our regular assignments show us exactly what is needed: medical equipment, bandages and medication that we bring with us at regular intervals.


In cooperation with the Federal Educational Institute for Elementary Education in Steyr (BAFEP) we were able to hold training courses for Albanian kindergarten teachers in the northern Albanian district of Puke. As a result, more than 60 girls and boys from Fushe Arrez in northern Albania receive educational support and three meals a day – and with the chance of going to school for the first time a future perspective.